About Me

Sneha Madiath photo

My name is Sneha and I love to cook, bake, eat, feed people, read cookbooks and blogs; actually just about anything with a recipe. I love walking in fruit and vegetable markets, eating at local cafés, shopping for interesting little knickknacks, tweaking classic recipes, inventing some recipes of my own, most of all I love the smell of a fresh baked bread and the compliments I get when my family and friends dig into my food.If I could I’d spend my days baking and teaching others to bake.

I’m from all over India. Ethnically from Kerala and Tamil Nadu, grew up in Gram Vikas - Orissa, Europe for polishing my pallet and expanding my sprit and Bangalore for life, family, friends, laughter and love. Currently I live Mumbai with the love of my life and my “chief food officer”

The technical guru and photographer behind this blog is my husband, Ashwin. He doesn’t cook, but boy does he love to eat. Back during our turbulent romance he turned up at my door, after a particulary bad fight with a box of chocolate deserts, my heart and tummy were forever his.

Things I love:  chocolate, to-do lists, my nana’s ball curry and coconut rice, big bang theory, comfort caramel custard, mangoes, thin crust pizza, passion fruit, the circus, doodling, the smell of earth after the 1st rains, brownies, apple pies, cinnamon tea with honey, Ashwin’s photography, happy people, cookbooks, Nutella, freshly baked bread, sarcasm, red, planning a trip, taking a trip, finding a good bargain, my oven, books, memories, rosewood, tree’s, salty caramel sauce, spicy Andhra Biriyani and my niece Koel’s drawings.

Thank you for reading. It’s taken me so very long to get started on this blog, while I indulged my addition of baking my dear husband gently cajoled me into writing about my passion for cooking, baking and generally feeding people. For as long as I can remember I have wanted and needed to feed people and for as long as I can remember I have been chief cook and my mom has been chief bottle washer. I hope writing this blog is going to fun and I hope you will enjoy reading it.


  1. Hey !! this is marvellous !! Lots of love and best wishes to you !!!!

  2. Brilliant! Look forward to more!

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